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event cateringCatering By Chef Charlie is a phenomenal catering company known for great service and delicious food. We promise to be respectable guests to your special event.

Events are celebrations that will be remembered forever. Event planning includes finding a venue, decorations and event catering. We made the search much shorter in Atascadero. At any kind of event, we vow to make the food look and taste delightful.

We offer party catering for graduations, promotions, weddings, birthdays and any other special occasion. We cater to your taste and acknowledge the guests we will be serving at your event. Children sometimes don’t care for a professional-looking meal. They can be our pickiest clients! But Catering By Chef Charlie can infuse the talents of our chefs to a menu that children cannot resist.

You can rely on Catering By Chef Charlie for any event catering. We tailor to your needs and respect your wishes.

Corporate Catering in Atascadero, CA

Important meetings like corporate events deserve proper catering. Whether it be an award ceremony or holiday gathering, Catering By Chef Charlie can supply delectable food for you and your employees.

Event planning can be strenuous when you are looking for a venue to decorate and restaurant to deliver the food. If you were selected to plan the business event, we are here to make your job easier. Our catering company not only provides appetizers and entrees, but we also specialize in cakes. If you are celebrating a big success with the company, a cake gives you the best way to share the triumph.

If you need to impress an important client or CEO at the corporate events, we offer exquisite specialty entree options. Who can resist a prime rib roast, apple stuffed pork tenderloin or bacon wrapped fillet mignon? Having high quality food will show that you selected a professional and excellent catering company. You made sure your guests enjoyed their food during the occasion.

Call Catering By Chef Charlie to start planning your corporate event.

Quinceanera Catering in Atascadero, CA

fundraiser catering

Another big occasion that requires a lot of planning is your daughter’s special quinceanera. Catering By Chef Charlie excels in bringing happiness to quinceaneras by providing delicious food for your and your guests.

Quinceaneras are important times for girls. She is being introduced into the world as a young adult. The way it is planned can influence how the girl is seen by others. With professionally catered food at a beautiful venue, the young lady will be respected. You appreciate the people who are traveling to join the celebration, so you want to give them the best meal they deserve.

Chicken and steak fajitas and chicken chilaquiles are only a few options we serve at quinceaneras. If you prefer something other than Mexican cuisine, we will be happy to make it for you.

Just call Catering By Chef Charlie to hear about our scrumptious appetizers, entrees and desserts. As your premier catering company, we specialize in Wedding Catering, Fundraiser Catering, Wine Dinners, Cooking Classes, and Private Dinners.